Lyle believes in limited government, personal responsibility and a government that does the things they are supposed to do very well while staying out of the areas it doesn’t belong. Check out some more of Lyle’s views on key issues below.



Lyle has been a consistent and staunch supporter of public education during his time in the legislature. Lyle believes every child deserves access to a quality education, no matter where they attend school. He has consistently increased funding for our local schools because he knows that an investment in education is an investment in our future. Lyle is honored to have the endorsement of Better Schools for Missouri & MSTA.



Lyle has worked hard to create a better atmosphere for growth for Missouri’s job creators. Lyle was proud to support the veto override of SB509 which provided tax relief for 2.1 million Missouri families and more than 200,000 Missouri small businesses.



Lyle is an ardent supporter of Missouri agriculture. Lyle was proud to cast a vote this year in support of “Right to Farm” and has stood up for the rights of Missouri’s farmers.



Lyle believes that the right to bear arms is precious and should be protected from an overreaching federal government. Lyle is proud to have the endorsement of the National RIfle Association.



Lyle is proud to be pro-life and has cast numerous votes to protect the sanctity of life and the unborn. Lyle is proud to have the endorsement of Missouri Right to Life.